About Us

TWTravel (Tompkins World Travel Services) is ideally and uniquely positioned to provide a wide array of travel services with the optimum combination of "small company" attention and service levels, and "large company" sophistication and supplier support. Unlike today's "mega" travel service companies, we continually work closely with our clients/partnerships to accommodate their unique set of evolving needs and requirements. Unlike today's small to mid-size travel firms, we have the preferred supplier support and sophisticated state-of-the-art technology that proactively provides for your every need. Our employee competence, sophisticated technology, preferred supplier support, and customer focus provide unsurpassed service at the lowest prices.


Our competent and knowledgeable travel counselors are eager to assist you - enthusiastically and efficiently. Our employees average more than 10 years in the travel service industry, and have traveled extensively. Our service levels will exceed your needs and expectations! TWTravel's General Manager is Charmaine Mazur.


TWTravel was founded in 1993 by longtime United Airlines Executive, J. A. Tompkins. "Tom" benefited from a very successful 17 year career with United before electing to relocate to California and found his own travel services company. Originally from the Detroit area, Tom graduated with a BA degree from the University of Michigan.